About investing with Guestor

How can I invest?2021-11-12T10:31:42+00:00

To receive the full PPM, sign up at https://partner.avestorinc.com/Login/guestor2 or if you would like to speak to one of the sponsors directly please email hello@guestor.com

Which criteria do you use to select homes for the fund?2021-11-12T10:32:17+00:00

Vacation rentals all around the world. We match every home against our models and only the best scoring properties become part of the fund. Guestor partners up with the best in class local property managers to manage these homes.


What is the target fund size?2021-11-12T10:24:36+00:00

75 Million dollars.

What is the targeted return?2021-11-12T10:23:42+00:00

20 tot 25% net IRR

Are you a property manager?

How does the ownership in the properties work?2021-11-12T10:32:45+00:00

We want our Guestor Property Managers to be part of the Guestor community by owning a stake in the properties they manage. This ensures our investors (Guestors) that we all have the best interest for each property at stake.

Can everyone become a Guestor Property Manager?2021-09-14T16:39:05+00:00

Guestor has a strong selection process to add Property Managers to their network. We only work with the best property managers in each market.

Is there a cost to become a Guestor Property Manager?2021-09-14T16:39:05+00:00

No, absolutely not. Joining the Guestor Property Manager network is completely free.

Do all markets qualify?2021-09-14T16:39:05+00:00

Guestor is looking for property managers in all markets that can produce attractive ROI and cap rates for our investor community. We are looking for undervalued properties with great potential in markets with greater than average property appreciation in the last 5 years.

How do I qualify?2021-09-14T16:39:06+00:00

Guestor is looking for best in class property managers with a strong local presence and embedment in the community. We are looking for partners that can deliver results and that excel in guest services, marketing, revenue management and property care.

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