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Guestor 7 step process

Guestor devised a 7 step process to maximize the returns from your vacation rental investment.

Real estate will always have intrinsic value and does not fluctuate as volatile as the stock or coin market. Combine that with the increased interest in short term rental vacations, and the fact that short term rental has a higher yield than long term rental, and you know you’re in business.

Can I stay at the vacation rental I invested in?

YES! The more the vacation rental is rented out, the more income is being generated. Please, stay at your home, or share the opportunity with your family and friends.

What is the minimum investment amount with Guestor?

Guestor is on a mission to make vacation rental investing accessible, safe and fun for everyone. That’s why we lowered our minimum investment to $100.

How often do you add new properties to the inventory?

We carefully curate our properties, only the best performing vacation rentals are allowed on the platform. We will keep you updated of new investment opportunities the moment they are available.

Guestor - The world is yours