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Diversified fund

What is the Guestor
diversified fund?

The Guestor diversified fund is an investment fund that is broadly invested across multiple vacation homes. A diversified fund holds less risk than a fractional ownership, because you invest in more than property at the same time.

You can compare the diversified fund with an index like the S&P 500, where you invest in the overall performance of the listed companies.

Guestor - The world is yours
Guestor - The world is yours

What can I earn with the Guestor diversied fund?

Earn money both on rental income and on property appreciation. In our proprietary model, we aim to buy homes that fit in the Guestor Performance Model: a target cash yield of 7-10% and a target return over 5 to 7 years of 17-25%.

As an investor you can also benefit from the Guestor perks: discounted stays, free early check-ins and late check-outs, …

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Guestor - The world is yours

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