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More Ownership Opportunities Officially Unlocked: As Guestor makes investing in vacation rentals available and affordable to a broader community

A first-of-its-kind community based platform has re-opened its doors to a wider demographic, allowing more people to build and invest in a global vacation rental portfolio – with as little as $100.

The admirably inclusive industry phenomenon – Guestor – has been co-founded by Dennis Goedheid, Michael-Scott Lester and Cedric Degruyter; and re-launched earlier this year. 

Since inception, the company’s mission has been to build the world’s largest vacation rental investor community – and challenge the status-quo that suggests “only the top 1%” can reap the rewards of real estate ownership. 

Guestor’s platform enables property ownership across a broader community through its diversified fund (an investment fund that is broadly invested across multiple vacation homes). This allows everyday investors to earn money on both rental income and property appreciation – while also benefiting from a range of Guestor’s perks. 

Soon Investors will have the opportunity to  pick and choose their favorite destinations and vacation rental homes from Guestor’s handpicked portfolio for easy, fractional ownership. Any income can then be re-invested to grow each respective rental portfolio – or community members also have the option to exit at any given time.

According to Guestor and several industry reports (including case studies from sources like Investopedia) vacation rentals are the highest-yielding asset class in real estate – generating 160% more revenue than traditional long-term rentals. The problem is, this lucrative market hasn’t been accessible to a broader spectrum – all until the launch of Guestor’s game-changing platform.

The company will not only make vacation rental investing more accessible; but also cultivate a community of new investors and property managers (who can add their properties to Guestor’s investment fund) and give back to the industry at large. The team places inclusivity, equity, and accessibility at the heart of all its operations – and its simple 7 Step Process makes it easy for anyone to start maximizing the returns of their investment. 

Guestor - The world is yours

Head of Fund Development,says: The barrier of entry for investing in  vacation rentals remains extremely high. Guestor is changing that by making ownership a real possibility for those who may not otherwise have the means to invest and own a vacation rental portfolio.


The team is keen to reinforce that Guestor’s ownership opportunities are open to everyone – with thanks to their first-of-its-kind fund that’s been specifically curated by industry professionals – for a broader market. 

The platform welcomes all those who are interested in  financially healthy investment opportunities to register their interest on Guestor’s main website, or contact Mateo Bradford-Vazquez or another member of the team to discuss their options further.

By Published On: March 30th, 2023Categories: News

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