Guestor - The world is yours

Seasoned Orlando vacation rental professionals launch new company Guestor, making vacation rental ownership accessible for everyone.

Guestor is a vacation rental investment start-up making vacation rental ownership easy and accessible for everyone. 

ORLANDO, Oct 3, 2021 – Buying a second home or vacation rental has always been something for the happy few, with heavy and high-risk investments, and a long and painstaking process to get the property ready for the rental market. Guestor, founded by seasoned Orlando-based vacation rental professionals, introduces a new, effortless alternative, making vacation rental ownership accessible for everyone.

Vacation rental homes consistently perform nearly 129% better on average than any other class of real estate investment. With a 200B+ expected global spend on vacation rentals in 2022, resulting in almost 15% of the global lodging market. Recent research showed Millennials and Gen z prefer vacation rentals over hotels and will account for 75% of all consumers and travelers by 2025. In addition, 52% of guests who stayed at a vacation rental, stated they preferred a vacation rental over a hotel post-pandemic.

We want to make investing in vacation rentals as easy as trading stock on Robin Hood”, says CEO & Founder Dennis Goedheid. “Everyone can start building their worldwide vacation rental portfolio with as little as $100.

Investing with Guestor

Guestor launches 2 different ways to invest in vacation rentals: a diversified fund where you become a shareholder of the company, or a fractional ownership where you pick and choose your favorite destinations and which homes you want to invest in.

You can earn returns from both rental income and from property appreciation”, according to Michael-Scott Lester, Guestor CFO. “Returns you can easily re-invest to grow your vacation rental portfolio or use to get perks when staying at a Guestor home.

Guestor - The world is yours

Guestor community

One of the most important parts of this whole concept is the community aspect,” says Cedric Degruyter, Guestor CMO. “The engagement of the community drives increased performance.

Guestor brings together guests and investors, but also property managers, real estate agents and developers. Guests can buy a part of the property they just stayed in, while investors can stay in one of their homes or social share it with friends and family.

Property managers get an experienced owner, who knows the drill and can enlarge their inventory with high quality vacation rentals, while real estate agents and developers can make a quick and effortless sale and retain full commission.

Guestor - The world is yours

About Guestor

Guestor is a new project by Dennis Goedheid, Michael-Scott Lester and Cedric Degruyter, who are also active with Casiola vacation homes, the leading brand in vacation rental in Orlando and Aruba. Visit the Casiola website at

Guestor is launching on Oct 3, with a Reg D 506(c) offering for accredited investors, institutional investors and hedge funds, followed by a REG A+ offering where anyone can invest, regardless of net worth, income or location, in Q1 of 2022.

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