Guestor investment app

Guestor investment app

Our new Guestor app makes investing in vacation rentals really easy and accessible: check how your vacation rental investments are doing, follow up on the latest news and messages and maybe have a peek at your next possible investment.

We want to make investing in vacation rentals as easy as trading stock on Robin Hood”, says CEO & Founder Dennis Goedheid. “Everyone can start building their worldwide vacation rental portfolio with as little as $100.

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Easily invest in vacation rentals

We’re making investing in vacation rentals really easy and simple. All the property details are right there in the app, you choose which properties you would like to invest in (or you invest in them all) and you follow your equity growth with the detailed graphs.

Guestor - The world is yours
Guestor - The world is yours

Stay at the best vacation rentals

Guestor chooses only the best properties to be part of our inventory.

Based on our vacation rental industry experience, we carefully select homes that will generate maximum rental income and have the best projected long-term value.

Be part of the community

Guestor brings together guests and investors, but also property managers, real estate agents and developers. Guests can buy a part of the property they just stayed in, while investors can stay in one of their homes or social share it with friends and family.

Guestor - The world is yours

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The app might still be “Coming soon”, but you can start investing today if you are an accredited investor.

Guestor - The world is yours